CBS Ministry Edition Website Features

Our easy-to-use, professionally designed Church & Ministry websites come packed full of the features you need in today's modern websites. From easily managing your website content, to uploading sermons, to an integrated blog, and much, much more...we've got you covered.

Our website solutions allow you to easily provide information to your members wherever they are in the world. All they need is access to the internet and they can stay up to date with what is going on with your church or ministry.

Professional websites designed specifically for churches
Our church websites look and feel professional, not like they're stuck in the 80's. More importantly, each website is a breeze for visitors to navigate and find the information they need, quickly and easily.
  We make the setup process easy for you
We know that not everyone is internet savvy and setting up a new website can seem daunting. Rest assured, we'll take care of all the technical items required to setup a website so you never have to.
Events, News and Articles Management
We provide a quick and easy way for you to add your latest church events, relevant news items, and articles of interest for your website visitors to view and explore. You can add all of these quickly and easily via your website administration system.
  Members Only Area
Your members or congregation can access (via a password protected area) and view online directories, and use resources that are published for members only. A great feature, and time saver for your church or ministry.
Sermon Manager
Easily adds your sermon audio and video files for website visitors and your congregation to view online from the comfort of their own home. Not recording sermons - we can help.
  Built-in Blogging
No need to have a 3rd party blogging engine any longer. Your website comes with its own blogging engine built-right in to your website management system for easy use.
No Contracts, Cancel Anytime
Yes that is correct. You do not have to sign any contracts with us at all. If you wish to cancel your website hosting account with us, you can do so at anytime with no cancellation fees.
  FREE Product Support
We know not everyone is a technical genius. If you need help with something or have a technical question, we offer you free support from our helpful team of experts.

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Great Add-on Products and Services

We are proud to offer professional church and ministry website solutions, that are affordable, easy to use and help provide your church with the ability to keep your members upo to date with what's going on with your church. Besides church and ministry websites, we also offer your church a wide range of other useful products and services including, email marketing, website optimization, business class email, telco services, graphics design and yes FREE support. We're basically striving to become the #1 source for church and ministry websites on the web. We in essence will be your one stop shop. One Call. One Relationship. Zero Headaches.

That's our motto and it's proven to be a great solution for today's churches and ministries who are looking for completely affordable ways to get their ministry online. So if you're looking for your church to get a new professional website, or you need email marketing, or possibly telco services. We're your source and we're here to help.
Call today: 1-888-323-5001 and talk to us, we're happy to help.