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  • 77% of potential members will visit your website77% of potential members visit your website before they visit in person
    No better reason than to have a professional
    website that attracts visitors and provides detailed information and tools
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$475 setup fee


Church Plants & Small Groups

  • Unlimited pages
  • 25MB web files
  • 25MB sermon files
  • 1GB Bandwidth

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$475 setup fee


Large Churches & Organizations

  • Unlimited pages
  • 150MB web files
  • 10 GB sermon files
  • 20GB Bandwidth

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$475 setup fee


Unlimited Sized Organizations

  • Unlimited pages
  • 150MB web files
  • 15 GB sermon files
  • 30GB Bandwidth

Full Feature List

Note: The Basic Package does not include the storage and bandwidth capacity to support sermons and documents. This package was designed for small organizations that are looking for a professional website that will help them establish or improve their online presence and acquire the tools they will need as their organization grows.

With your 1-time setup fee we can do the following at no extra cost...

- change the top navigation link names and what page they link to
- insert your churches logo
- change background colour
- change top navigation colour
- add in your unique contact information on contact page and website header
- add in your unique contact information in the website footer section
The following items are not included with your 1-time setup fee...

- changing font sizes and styles
- changing any stock photos
- modifying any forms (ie. contact page etc)
- adding, updating content
- making changes to the preset website content

Basically we provide to you a low cost, ready to go template and the ability for you to manage it via our website management system. We understand some people do not have the time to maintain or make changes to their website and we can help BUT unfortunately this means some extra costs.
Q: Am I able to change website content myself?
A: Yes you can. Each website comes with it's own website management system that enables you to login to your website via the internet and make website changes instantly

Q: Can you clarify the website storage ?
A: Storage consists of 2 main areas. There is storage that consists of all the websites files that make up the websites as well as any files you upload (ie. pdf's, images etc.) The second part is storage for things like documents and sermon files. These are stored within the Amazon S3 Storage facilities. The website storage for all sites (except starter package) is 150MB, starter package is 25MB. The storage for documents and sermon files is what is listed above (ie. 5GB, 10GB, 15GB)

Q: Can I host my website with another company?
A: Unfortunately not. Our solutions contain proprietary software that we cannot allow to be hosted on other servers. In otherwords our service is a hosted service that we manage and take care of completely.

Q: Are there any contracts to sign?
A: Absolutely not! We never hold any of our clients to contracts. If you need to cancel simply let us know, no strings attached.
How do I know what package is best for my church?

If you are a very small church, Small community group or charity and don't plan on adding sermon audio or video files or wanting to upload documents for your members to view you're likely looking at our Basic Package. It's a great way to get a professional website and to get your church online and visible but does not have the full power of our other 3 packages.

If however you're a church that plans on uploading various sermons on your website for people to view online and/or you want your members to actively participate with your church online we strongly suggest you start with our Standard package. The Standard package will allow you to upload sermons and also allow your members to login to your website and view all kinds of member related items. You can always upgrade or downgrade your account and you simply pay the new monthly hosting fee for that package..


View Detailed Feature List here
1-time set-up fees start at $475 +hst
All prices listed are in Canadian Dollars. Prices do not include HST
Monthly Hosting Fees are charged on the 1st of the month, and begin on the 1st of the month immediately following the formal initiation of your project. First and Last Month Fees are charged on your first invoice.

No contracts to sign ever. Cancel whenever you wish with no hassles & no cancellation fees.

FREE technical support (ie. help with domain name purchase, email setup etc.)
New websites can typically be up and running within 2 weeks, sometimes sooner!


Need help adding content, sermons, articles and more to your new website?

Many times the churches or ministries we deal with are very short staffed and need help getting their website content added, sermons upload and more. We can definitely help you out. We also offer an Express Website Setup Service which starts at $275. This is an extra fee on top of the 1-time setup fee. With this service we will upload content for you, sermons and much more. A CBS Web Ministry team member will contact you to discuss your needs and from there a final quote will be given to you which typically depends on how much content needs to be added and updated on your new website.

Would you like help selecting which package may be right for your organization? 
Register for any of the above monthly hosting packages and a Specialist from our team will contact you to walk you through the sign-up process and build a strategy to bring your new CBS Ministry Edition Website online.


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We are proud to offer professional church and ministry website solutions, that are affordable, easy to use and help provide your church with the ability to keep your members upo to date with what's going on with your church. Besides church and ministry websites, we also offer your church a wide range of other useful products and services including, email marketing, website optimization, business class email, telco services, graphics design and yes FREE support. We're basically striving to become the #1 source for church and ministry websites on the web. We in essence will be your one stop shop. One Call. One Relationship. Zero Headaches.

That's our motto and it's proven to be a great solution for today's churches and ministries who are looking for completely affordable ways to get their ministry online. So if you're looking for your church to get a new professional website, or you need email marketing, or possibly telco services. We're your source and we're here to help.
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