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Premier, business-class email trusted by over 5,000 mailboxes worldwide

Business Class Email

Our CBS Ministry Edition websites all come with Business Class Email Service. Additional accounts are an optional add-on component for those churches who want branded and individualized email accounts, meshed with the features they demand for today's business environments.

What's the Cost?

 1-10 emails: $5.00/month/email account

 11-20 emails: $4.50/month/email account (10% savings per email)

 21-50 emails: $4.25/month/email account (15% savings per email)

 51-75 emails: $4.00/month/email account (20% savings)

 over 75 emails: $3.75/month/email account (25% savings)

 No Setup fees

Huge 10GB Email Accounts
Never run out of email storage space ever again. Our huge email accounts allow you to store literally tens of thousands of emails. Need more room? We can upgrade your accounts seamlessly.
  Built-in Spam & Anti-Virus Protection
With approx 95% of all email being spam and the daily threat of virus attachments, you need powerful email protection and our systems do just that.
Secure Webmail Access
Anytime, anywhere access to email, calendars, contacts and task lists in one convenient interface. It's a fully-loaded email/data-management package, designed to be as powerful as a desktop client, but with the benefit of on-the-road access.
  Triple Redundancy Backups
Your business data is your business. So to ensure the integrity of your email, we save three copies of your data in three geographically dispersed data centers. This triple-redundancy system is designed to give you peace of mind that your data will be stored securely.
POP3 or IMAP Accounts
We support all standard email protocols... POP3, IMAP, & SMTP are the most popular, and they allow users to check and send email via desktop email clients like Outlook and Thunderbird, as well as wireless devices like BlackBerry, Treo, and the iPhone.
  Synchronization Between Devices
Keep your calendar, contacts, and tasks synchronized across Microsoft Outlook, BlackBerrys, Windows Mobile devices, and Webmail–increasing productivity by eliminating the need to enter the same data into several locations.
Mobile Device Access
We provide you with the ability to access your information anywhere, anytime using their mobile devices. These can be BlackBerrys, iPhones or any other cellphone or mobile device that can handle email.
  Shared Calendaring
Our Secure Webmail includes a feature-rich web-based calendar with all the functionality you expect from a business-class calendar application — including the ability to share calendars with other users in the email hosting system (even across domains!)
No Contracts, Cancel Anytime
Yes that's correct. You don't have to sign any contracts with us at all. If you wish to cancel your email account, you can do so at anytime with no cancellation fees.
  FREE Product Support
We know not everyone is a technical genius. If you need help setting up your business class emails, we'll lend you a hand at no charge.

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