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Discover how we can help you enhance your brand and gain control of your telecommunications related expenses

Stand-alone and web-integrated voice services make it easier for you to connect with members and guests, and we have a simplified approach to deployment that enables us to distribute hosted voice applications across North America. The configuration and deployment tools are accessible via a click on a website or a call to a toll free number and require no previous knowledge of telephony programming or terminology.

Just some of the highlights

 Automate Call Routing with Hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
 A Virtual Receptionist to enhance your image and improve service
 Find Me Call Forwarding allows you to work anywhere without publishing additional numbers (mobile, home, etc.)
 Click to Call to enable an access point from your website / email communications
 Voice Broadcasting to improve communications with members and groups
 Conference Calls, Appointment Confirmations, Music on Hold, and much more

Start Automating Your Phones

Our Products & Services are integrated into one, easy-to-use platform.
To subscribe, simply pick a package that fits your church or ministry, and pay a low, monthly package price, plus a low cost per-minute charge per minute for usage. We create your account instantly and you can begin automating your phones and business processes today.

Not sure which will fit you best? Call us! Our specialists will help you make the right choice.
Every package comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee. We will help you identify the package that best suits your needs.

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Functionality and Benefits

The solution is packed full of features but let’s focus on a few key areas where you can gain immediate benefit.

  1. Hosted IVR - Consider the types of calls you commonly receive, and consider the level of urgency in handling those calls. Quickly and easily create menus to route incoming calls efficiently while enhancing the experience of those you serve.
  2. Virtual Receptionist – Delivers a professional image and improves the experience by making sure calls are greeted and routed correctly whether or not you are available.
  3. Call Routing – Route calls to any phone based on your schedule. You tell the system what device / line (office, mobile, residence, etc.) to send your calls to by time of day, day of week, and even by type of call.
  4. Voice Broadcasting - Leverage this feature to promote events and relay vital information over the phone. You can also broadcast messages to groups, committees, leader’s, and even conduct telephone surveys using voice broadcasting and outbound IVR functionality.
  5. Appointment Confirmation - Confirm appointments automatically with our Voice Broadcast & IVR features by creating and delivering an outbound message.
  6. Find Me Call Forwarding - Minimize the risk that an important call will not be handled effectively. Tell the system the phone number where you may be contacted, and let the virtual receptionist answer the call and try to connect you. You no longer need to publish your cell and residence phone numbers.
  7. Click-to-Call – A unique feature that can be easily added to your website or email template to provide a new communication access point that requires visitors to your website or recipients of your email to enter their phone number and have the system connect you.
  8. Conference Calling - To create a conference call, you simply select a time and attendees. At the scheduled time of the call, your contacts will receive a phone call connecting them to the conference. As the moderator, you'll see a live dashboard with details about each attendee. Great way to connected when you can’t physically be there!
  9. Wake Up & Reminder Calls - Leverage voice broadcasting technology to schedule unlimited daily call reminders that can be managed / reviewed from any phone, and the calls can be routed to more that one number.
  10. Voice Mail Boxes - Our service provides the same options you expect with traditional voice mail, plus an extra level of flexibility. You can retrieve your messages from any phone or have the recording sent to your email account and listen to them immediately using your computer or mobile device.
  11. Local Phone Numbers - Local phone numbers help you project a local image and multiple local phone numbers can be added to your account.
  12. Toll-Free Numbers - Toll-Free numbers project a national image and extend a warm welcome to those that do not have a long distance plan and have thought about calling.
  13. Call Tracking & Google® Integration - Call Tracking provides detailed and real-time phone call reports. Reporting includes tracking data on call volume, routing, duration and more for inbound and outbound phone calls. Report data may also be integrated with Google® Analytics with your website statistics.
  14. Business Continuity - Leverage our service to create a back-up plan to make sure you can be contacted if service to any of your phone lines is interrupted. Simply access the system or the support line to make changes to how your calls are managed

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